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Packaging & Manufactures Tips

Hat and shoeboxes
 : Small boxes of this type should be consolidated and packed into large boxes. Fill in small spaces with wadded packing paper.

Toys : Do not have to be wrapped in packing paper. Place them in large cartons and seal them up.

Loose shoes : Same as toys. 

Books & Records : Stand on end. Use small cartons. 

Aerosol containers : Do not pack aerosol in flammable containers. 

Clothing : Clothes on hangers are best moved in a special closet carton. Never move clothes in garment bags. Garment bags can't stand up to the stress of moving. Leave clothes in dressers, but make sure that the drawers are not too heavy - they may be damaged during the trip.

Washing Machines : Secure spring-mounted motors. Brace the tub to prevent damage. Wedge special tub inserts in the space between the tub and sidewalls. Disconnect hoses and put them in tightly sealed sandwich bags inside the machine's tub.

Refrigerators and freezers : Defrost, dry and load refrigerator in upright position, using its inside space for bulky, lightweight goods such as large stuffed toys or pillows. Before laying refrigerator down for a move, check with its manufacturer. Most brands can be moved on their sides. Do not connect the appliance in your new home until the unit has stood upright for at least 24 hours.

Home Electronics : Wrap small equipment in plenty of foam padding, pack them in a box and load it on top of a soft item, such as a sofa.Special packing keeps mattresses and box springs fresh and clean. 

Books : Small boxes are the perfect size for books. Pack books flat so that the spines won't break, and do not jam them in tightly. Never pack fragile items with books. 

Chest of drawers, desks, etc. : Pack drawers full but make sure that breakable items are well padded. To prevent drawers from opening, place the unit up against the truck or trailer wall, or against a flat surface such as a mattress. 

Tables : Remove legs from all tables and load the flat surfaces on edge. If this cannot be done, load tables on their top surfaces, legs up, taking care to protect the finish with blankets or padding. 

Dishes : Line the bottom of a dish pack with several layers of wrapping paper for extra cushioning. Place one plate in the center of the sheets of paper and pull a few sheets over it. Stack the next plate on top and pull another sheet of paper over to cover the stacked plates.


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